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Metal ball pen -Modell: ZO|print

Mark technology:UV - printing
Printingng size:
Printingng colour
50 mm x 5 mm
Weight:16 g
Length:140 mm x 8 mm
Packaging:100 pcs
Writing colour:blue
Refill model:slim

After receiving your acceptance of the print proof and payment receival the product will be finished within
to 1.000 pcs | 2-3 working days.
to 5.000 pcs | 3-5 working days.
from 5.000 pcs | individually

The shipping time is 1-2 working days in Germany and Poland
and about 5 days for the rest of EU.


Patterns (PDF)             Patterns Modell C

Ballpoint pen with soft touch surface

Specification and Limitations of Soft Touch Finish Ballpoint Pen -Print

Coloring in soft touch printing - the colors are faded.
Soft Touch (rubberized plastic) is a unique material that has recently been used in UV printing. It is characterized by a different structure than paper, also absorbs the color differently and can be colored easily. The projects printed out on paper should therefore not be authoritative in the case of soft touch printing. The coloring of the same project printed on paper and on Soft Touch material can differ, even using appropriate color profiles that are intended to adapt the printout on Soft Touch material to the project printed on paper. This is due to the technological limitations of UV printing and the specification of the soft touch material.

A big advantage of the ballpoint pens we offer with a soft touch surface are very low prices.
Customers with such high demands may be disappointed with the print quality of the soft-touch. If high color accuracy plays an important role, we suggest you to choose another product - e.g. soft touch ballpoint pens from manufacturers specializing in such printing products (pad printing or screen printing). However, you should expect much higher prices.

Our goal is to offer you the best quality product at very affordable prices.
Black colors (backgrounds) in projects
The black color is obtained differently in UV printing on PVC material than in conventional offset printing on paper. The black color in UV printing colors the print medium (printing material) excellently. In order to gain a color depth, one does not need to create other colors.

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